Payroll for Construction

Certified payroll for the construction industry

Many mainstream payroll services claim to be able to fully handle payroll for construction, but they weren’t actually created for the construction industry. So while they may help with some aspects of your payroll workflow, they really aren’t sufficient to meet your unique payroll and reporting requirements. They certainly can’t help with fringe benefit management or answer your certified payroll questions.

Our platform, however, was built specially for construction payroll. Not only can we save you hours a week, we can help you dramatically reduce your tax burden and increase your operating capital.


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A payroll platform for the construction industry

Payroll for the construction industry must meet the specific needs of contractors, which often includes a range of reporting and compliance requirements. For government contractors that do prevailing wage work, the demands of processing certified payroll every week are even more burdensome. Reporting and compliance requirements alone can stretch your staff to the limit, preventing growth and limiting profitability.

We make payroll for construction simple with our powerful, easy-to-use platform. With us you’ll be able to:

Handle compliance and reporting duties with just a few clicks.

Find and assign wage determinations with confidence.

Process payroll, even wage restitution, in minutes.

Stop errors in their tracks with auto-calculations and auto-verifications.

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Resources for construction companies

Construction payroll can be complicated, especially for contractors that do prevailing wage work. It’s hard enough to keep up with the demands of processing payroll every week without the added burden of compliance and reporting. Add changing laws and regulations to the mix and you can see how difficult construction payroll can be.

To help you find reliable information, we created a special resource hub at eBacon, our sister site. You can learn all about certified payroll, prevailing wages, wage determination and current legislation. We also have an updated list of government links so you can easily find official websites.

GC Connect

GC Connect is the first and only platform that gives you the ability to manage the compliance tasks of all your subs from one, central location. No more being caught off guard by disorganized subs, missed deadlines or endless calls and emails to track down reports!

As a GC you’ll be able to:

  • View, request, approve and reject reports from subs
  • Send reminder emails with a single click
  • Get notifications to stay ahead of reporting
  • View alerts and activities by project or sub
  • Communications hub to talk to all your subs from a single platform

GC Connect is a game changer for the construction industry.

What’s eBacon?

eBacon is a product division of TAG Employer Services. The inspiration behind the creation of eBacon came from a conversation TAG’s founder, Jack Biltis, had with California business owners in the construction industry. After learning about the complications and risk involved in taking on government funded projects, he sought a solution that leveraged our proven technology platform.

eBacon is able to simplify certified payroll reporting and fringe benefit management for construction companies across the nation by combining prevailing wage requirements automation with simple to use management and reporting tools.

Both TAG and eBacon were created to offer companies amazing payroll services and business solutions.

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