Program Management

TAG Employer Services is focused one hundred percent on helping you run your business expertly and profitably. With our program management technology, you can simplify and efficiently execute day-to-day tasks – while retaining full control of these important activities at all times.

Armed with these greater business efficiencies, you will have more time to concentrate on cementing relationships with existing clients, and on developing strategies to win new business.

TAG’s technological agility means your needs are immediately met

TAG designs and develops its own software and applications, guaranteeing performance against off-the-shelf solutions, and ensuring its scalability for small business clients in any industry. With an advanced internal development team, TAG has the technological agility to rapidly respond to your needs and help you maintain a competitive edge.

Business Software

Our cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) Human Resources Information system (HRIS) is an invaluable administrative solution for your organization.

Our proprietary software allows you and your employees to access and input information from the desktop, a tablet, or smartphone, so that all transactions in the office or in the field are timely.

This robust, web-accessible solution also helps you more quickly and accurately handle payrolls, ASO invoicing, insurance reconciliation, and much more – while streamlining many processes that would otherwise have required unnecessary, time-consuming administrative oversight.

Cloud-based Timekeeping

Online timekeeping solutions that can save you money include:

  • Time and attendance. Eliminate problems associated with employees overstating time, buddy punching, and more.
  • Vacation requests. Accurately record dates and avoid being short-staffed.
  • PTO Accrual. Know precisely which employees are owed what.
  • Performance Tracking. Stay current with jobs, functions, and work progress.
  • GPS locations. These can be recorded for each employee punch.
  • Electronic time sheets. Track hours in real time.
  • In-the-field expenses. Employees can submit project expenses and billable hours by the project from remote sites – and payroll items can be billed at specific rates based on hours worked, with automated complex workflow rules.

Other timekeeping options include facial and fingerprint biometrics recognition, online time and expense tracking, and much more.

Asset Management

In many instances, assets are expensive and need to be tracked in real-time. TAG’s web-based asset management software solution lets you track and monitor your tools, equipment, and vehicles, by project and job. You can also stay current with employee movement through key card tracking. This powerful information gives managers the insight they need to make sound business decisions.

Certification Management

With TAG’s cloud-based online certification tracking solution, you have the technology to manage and keep track of employee certification, licenses, and other required information – especially certification that may have an expiration date. Your key personnel are notified in advance of employees’ expiring documents and training.

Project Management

Through TAG’s easy-to-use web-based project management solution, you can assign and track projects, tasks, and workflow items, stay up-to-the-minute on your team’s progress, and invoice customers based on the work completed. You can also store and access client service level agreements, plans, and other documents from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Information at your fingertips can include:

  • Assigning and tracking tasks, punch list, and workflow items automatically
  • Staying up-to-the-minute on your team’s projects
  • Storing project photos, requests for information, (RFI), blueprints, and documents
  • Costing/reporting of jobs
  • Designating tasks and payroll item billing rates automatically
  • Paying and manage subcontractors with single point invoicing
  • Turning estimates into projects with instant estimating system