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Payroll software or payroll service

It takes a lot of admin work to run any business, and that can be a huge drain on your team’s time and energy. It can also limit your growth and profitability, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
We make it easy to handle all your most tedious admin tasks!


We make it easy to handle all your most tedious admin tasks!

Our typical client saves hours every week. That’s real time you and your team get back to be proactive in other areas.

This allows you to focus on work that grows your business instead of simply dealing with administrative tasks.

From payroll through benefits administration, we give your company freedom from paperwork and time-consuming manual tasks.

Payroll Services: Tax filing, unlimited direct deposits and deductions, extensive reporting support.

Benefits support:  Health, dental and vision plans, 401 (k) administration and pay-as-you go billing.

Workers compensation: Instant online workers’ comp certificates, online claims and OSHA reporting.

HR Support:  HR consulting, electronic onboarding, e-Verify, new hire reporting and more.

 We even make it easy to switch and offer award-winning customer support!

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We have full and self-service options available so you can pick the services that are most valuable to your business. We even have an award-winning customer support team on call to help when you need it.  And with easy set up and no long-term contracts, using us is completely risk free!

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