Save Money

Managing Payroll, Benefits and HR

Job Budgeting – Real-time tracking of job/task hours against budgets

Auto Reconciliation – Missed employee deductions catch up on future payrolls (up to limits)

Overtime Tracking – Real-time overtime monitoring with manager alerts

Prevent Time Theft – Biometric clocks and GPS mobile systems prevent “buddy-punching” and time misreporting … saving an average of $4,540 per employee

Davis Bacon Fringe Benefits – Apply health, 401k, and PTO benefits against required fringe payments, saving thousands per employee

Company Assets – Track company property and ensure return upon employee termination

Customized Benefits – Offer employees affordable benefits by combining large “master” plans with Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) and Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Improve Cash Flow – “Pay-As-You-Go” Health and “No Deposit” Workers Compensation policies

“We started using TAG’s time tracking system on our second payroll and saved $18,000. I couldn’t believe how much my employees had been rounding up their time before TAG”
G. Rodrigues

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