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Our Competition TAG Options
Payroll Companies PEOs / ASOs Self Service* Full Service**
Time & Attendance
Facial Recognition Clocks Fingerprint Fingerprint
Desktop, Mobile, and Text Punching Desktop & Mobile Desktop & Mobile
Manager Punching Rare Rare
Employee Timesheets
GPS mapping & Geo-Fencing GPS Mapping Rare
Expense & Mileage Requests
PTO Requests w/ Future Forecasting No Forecasting No Forecasting
Overtime based on city worked Some
Scheduling Some Some
Overtime Threshhold Reporting Some Rare
Job Tracking & Budgeting Tracking Only Tracking Only
Tax Filing in all states and Canada US Only US Only
Unlimited direct deposit & deductions Some
FLSA Overtime Effective Rate calcs Some Rare
Missed Deduction Catchup Limited Rare
General Ledger Imports Some Mostly Reports
Goal Seeking Calcs (eg Net to Gross) Net-To-Gross Only Net-To-Gross Only
Davis Bacon Certified Payroll & Fringe Offsets No Fringe Offsets No Fringe Offsets
State Tax Reciprocity Calculations Rare
Report Writer
Shop the top carriers for Med PEO Carrier Only
Master plans for Dental, Vision, Life & Disability
401k Plan, Adminstration, & Testing 3rd Party PEO Investments
FSA, DCA, HRA, HSA plan administration 3rd Party HSA Not Integrated
Online Enrollment System Limited Carriers
Admistration with Carrier (Adds/Terms)
Benefits Recociliation & Payment
Pay-As-You-Go Billing
Workers Comp
Instant Online WC Certs Rare
OSHA 300 reporting
A Rated WC Policies
Claim Tracking
Pay-As-You-Go Billing
Bill Reconciliation & Payment
Human Resources
Electronic Onboarding
PTO Tracking Intermediate Basic Advanced Advanced
City-Shifting PTO
Background Checks
I9, Everify & New Hire Reporting
HR Consulting
Customized HR Manual
Track EE Reviews Discipline, Skills, Pay History
Asset & Certification Tracking
Employee Communications Hub

**Full Service - TAG can manage everything for you. We shop for the best health and workers’ compensation policies from all the top carriers.

*Self-Service - Use TAG’s technology to manage your benefits yourself or through our broker portal.