We have updated our Paid Time Off (PTO) widget to make it easier for your employees to identify their COVID-19 related time off. This is especially important for companies that plan on using CARES Act tax credits because it provides a simple way to document the situation.  

Your employees don’t have to do anything different to access these new options, they simply sign into Viper and select the “Time Off” widget.”  Within the attendance code options they can select Sick-C19Family or Sick-C19School. Each of these codes requires that they select a reason for the COVID-19 related time off. For instance, if they select Sick-C19Family,  they can choose reasons that include caring for an individual due to COVD-19, school or care facility closure due to COVID-19 or Other (due to COVID-19).

This new feature lets you officially document employee time off due to COVID-19. This makes it easier to take tax credits while providing you a layer of protection should you be audited.  We’ve also added some reports that simplify the emergency SBA loan application process along with other helpful resources on our COVID-19 Resource page.

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