Our powerful but user-friendly software platform makes it easy to manage your most important administrative tasks:

Easily stay compliant with tax filings, OSHA reports, WC certificates and more
Streamlined benefits management, including online enrollment.
Unlimited direct deposit and deductions.
401(K) plan administration and testing.
Pay-as-you-go billing.

The difference is that we’re more affordable AND we don’t require a co-employment contract.

There is no long-term commitment required, it’s simple and risk free to give us a try!

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Customer Service Matters


Are you tired of getting the customer service run around? This is when you have to call about something urgent, and instead of getting help, you get placed on hold and passed from agent to agent.

The mainstream payroll companies may be bigger, but they cannot compare to us when it comes to customer service. Our award-winning customer service team is standing by to solve your problems, from technical issues to expert answers to your most pressing questions.

No more run-around; just help and support when you need it the most.

Technology matters


Don’t struggle to make technology fit your needs, just use technology designed with your needs in mind!

Because we’re a software development company, our technology has been built from the ground up to solve the problems of small business. Our team of advanced developers are in-house, and they are always looking to improve our products and services, including the user experience. This is why our platform is both advanced and user-friendly – a claim few can make!
And unlike mainstream payroll companies in the market, we can actually configure our software to help fit the needs of our clients.

You owe it to yourself to see what TAG has to offer!

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