Bring Home the (Davis) Bacon

Certified payroll is time consuming with every payroll system, this leaves you picking up the pieces and filling in spreadsheets.  Our system makes compliance as simple as running payroll, saving you countless days of work, and thousands of dollars of hard cash.


How Does TAG make life easier for you?

Ensure correct prevailing wage & fringe for each job/task

With TAG you do not have to worry if you paid the employee the right wage.  You setup the prevailing wages on each job and our system automaticlly pays employees based on hours actually worked in the correct classification.

State & contract-specific holiday & overtime requirements

With our geocompliance system you do not have to worry about dealing with state and contract specific holidays.  Using TAG’s Time and Attendance system will reduce the amount of work that you have to spend trying to understand compliance rules in multiple locations.

Save Money with Correct Fringe Benefits

We save you money by reducing the complexity of certified payroll.  No more stressing about fringe benefits or training credits, TAG has your back so that you can do more important things.

Weighted average overtime for certified vs non-certified jobs

Overtime is automaticly calculated and allocated based on the time actually worked on a project.