TAG provides the only set of employee solutions that was designed and built from the ground-up

to improve operating efficiency and employee happiness for Small Businesses.

TAG Employer Services is a cutting-edge Administrative Services Organization dedicated to streamlining and simplifying critical Payroll, Worker’s Comp, HR, Benefits and related employee administration for small businesses. Unlike most large Payroll and Professional Employment Services Organizations that try to be all-things for all organizations, TAG has built specialized technology from the ground-up based upon what small businesses want and need. The result is a comprehensive Payroll, HR and Benefits platform that is easy to use, drives operating efficiencies and enables small businesses to provide employees sophisticated packages and systems that keep them competitive in the talent market.


TAG was founded in 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona. Our pedigree was formed by really listening to what small businesses need and want, then taking the best attributes from payroll services, human resources information systems, insurance brokers and professional employer organizations to evolve a comprehensive small business employee solutions platform.