Business Solutions for Small Business

Save money, save time, reduce risk

We create payroll, HR and benefit solutions for small business. From payroll services through benefits and HR support, our complete suite of administrative support services makes your work week simple.

No matter your industry, we can help you simplify and streamline your processes. This will free up your admin team to work on things that grow your business, not your paperwork.

Small business administrative support

Our payroll platform is a powerful, one-stop shop for all your most common, and time-consuming tasks.

Time and attendance, payroll, health insurance, workers’ comp, 401k, HSA/FSA, and HR consulting are all included… or you can pick the services you need.

Simplify your business

HR admin support – Employee onboarding, employee reviews, pay history, scheduling, custom forms, report creation.

Advanced Time Tracking – Facial recognition, mobile GPS, desktop, manager punches, text punches.

Advanced Payroll Calculations –  Pay differentials, overtime rules, union dues, mandatory sick pay, banquet tip and group bonus calculations, ACA calculations.

Employee Communications Hub – Send group messages, take surveys or even lunch orders.

Online Benefits Enrollment – Guide employees through plans and generate carrier forms/uploads.

General Ledger Integration – Simple and quick accounting integrations.

Powerful PTO management – Manage any type of PTO policy, calculate jurisdictional requirements, forecast balances, and prevent negative balances.

Save money

Job Budgeting – Real-time tracking of job/task hours against budgets.

Auto Reconciliation – Missed employee deductions catch up on future payrolls (up to limits).

Overtime Tracking – Real-time overtime monitoring with manager alerts.

Prevent Time Theft – Biometric clocks and GPS mobile systems prevent “buddy-punching” and time misreporting … saving an average of $4,540 per employee.

Davis Bacon Fringe Benefits – Apply health, 401k, and PTO benefits against required fringe payments, saving thousands per employee.

Company Assets – Track company property and ensure return upon employee termination.

Customized Benefits – Offer employees affordable benefits by combining large “master” plans with Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) and Savings Accounts (HSAs).

Improve Cash Flow – “Pay-As-You-Go” health and “No Deposit” workers’ compensation policies.

Stay out of trouble

City Shifting – Employees moving between jobs & cities calculate required sick, overtime and reciprocal taxes.

Mandatory Sick Pay – Calculate jurisdictional requirements from 40 cities & states and “true-up” your accruals so you don’t pay more than required.

Piecework & Overtime Rate – Automate complicated calculations for FLSA overtime rate based on piecework, commission, tips, and worked bonuses.

Time & Attendance – Defend against a DOL audit by backing up every hour paid with a biometric punch and employee timesheets.

Filings – TAG generates all tax, ACA (1095), EEOC (EEO-1), 401k testing/5500s, Davis Bacon (WH347), and OSHA-300, I9, eVerify & new hire reporting.

Benefits Compliance – COBRA, Section 125, Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) generation.

Certifications – Monitor employee certifications to stay ahead of renewals.

HR Consulting – Handbooks, education, compliance, problem resolution.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (additional cost) – Protect from employee lawsuits that are out of your control.

Ready to get started?

 Our software, and our service, is personalized, configurable to your needs and always just a phone call away. So, when you have questions, problems or even need personalized help like reports unique to your business, we can help.

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