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Payroll, HR & Benefits Solutions for Small Business.

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“We have gained back 16-20 hours that we can dedicate to running our business.”

“Running payroll is super easy and efficient. I just love everything about TAG”

“Running payroll is super easy and efficient. I just love everything about TAG”

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We solve business problems

Managing payroll, HR and benefits related tasks is a huge drain on small business. If you don’t have the staff, or expertise it takes to do things right, you could also be putting your company at risk.

Leverage our expertise, award winning customer service and powerful software platform to simplify your business.

Experience award winning customer service for yourself.

Simple solutions to complicated problems 

Our easy-to-use, but powerful software platform makes employee administrative tasks quick and simple. Payroll, time and attendance, benefits, 401(k) plans, workers’ comp and more…we give you back your time so you can go back to doing what you do!

We also back up our services with an award-winning support team. You won’t believe the difference it makes to have our team of experts on your side!

We know that there’s really no such thing as “one size fits all.”

Your business is unique, that means it needs unique solutions. Unlike other administrative service companies, we can actually configure solutions to your specific problems. By leveraging our in-house software development team, we’re also able to evolve our platform. This ensures that our clients are always a step ahead.

We do the work. You get the results.

Our software platform does the heavy lifting so you can focus on your work, not administrative tasks and compliance issues.

Your business and TAG – a winning combination!

Make our team your team

Unless you’re a large organization with a team of payroll, HR, benefits and compliance professionals, you probably struggle to stay ahead of the curve. On top of the weekly burden of payroll and related tasks, there are plenty of laws that govern what you can and can’t do as an employer. This makes it harder than ever to stay out of trouble.

With TAG, you not only get to use our advanced software platform, you’re backed up by a team of payroll, HR and benefits experts. They stay at the top of their game so you can stay at the top of yours.

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